About Ibec

Ibec is Ireland's largest lobby group representing Irish business both domestically and internationally. Its membership is home grown, multinational, big and small, spanning every sector of the economy. Together they employ over 70% of the private sector workforce in Ireland. Ibec and its trade associations advocate to government, policy makers and other key stakeholders nationally and internationally to shape business conditions and drive economic growth.

Its policies and strategic priorities are set by a national council and board, which are implemented by Ibec’s executive management team.

Ibec National Council
Ibec's central and final decision-making authority is the national council. Its 70 members meet five times per year. Membership includes Ibec officers (director general, president and deputy president), Ibec trustees, elected members, chairpersons of business sector associations and Ibec policy committees, regional presidents and co-opted members.

Ibec Board
The board meets eight to nine times a year and is responsible for Ibec’s corporate governance and strategic direction.

Ibec Executive director team
Managed by Ibec CEO Danny McCoy.

Ibec Vision - Our vision is to be the most influential, dynamic business representative organisation in Ireland, driving our business agenda in Europe.

Ibec Mission - Our mission is to lead, shape and promote business policy to drive economic success.

Values - We are dedicated to serving our members within a culture of teamwork, trust, respect for people and with integrity.

For more information about Ibec, visit http://www.ibec.ie/