ALI Aviation Courses Brochure

A core objective for ALI is to maintain and develop Ireland’s position as the leading global centre for aircraft leasing. Included within this is the development of new and existing education and skills initiatives as well as attracting and retaining talent in the industry. This brochure is ALI’s first step in addressing its mandate in this area.
The directory’s intention is to bring together in one place, the educational offerings in the aviation industry which are available in Ireland. We will expand this directory to include Vocational training in technical fields, including apprenticeships, as well as continued education to broaden skills and adapt to the changes happening in the business.

We would like to thank the HEIs for providing their course details as well as their student throughput - DCU, Institute of Technology Carlow, Limerick Institute of Technology, Technology University Dublin, and DCU. Our thanks are also extended to the Irish Aviation Students Association (IASA) and their research into third level courses availability.

The aircraft leasing business continues to develop and requires a constant stream of well educated, quick thinking and, above all, adaptable people to ensure it thrives here in its natural home. It is part of ALI’s remit to ensure this happens and that all members are aware of what is available. Ireland has the opportunity to become a leading global provider of education courses to support the [global] aviation industry and we are here to support that objective.